Are Crowns Right for My Dental Problems?
By Dyras Dental
October 17, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Many dental problems can be corrected with the help of a dental crown. It is a device formed from porcelain or composite resin material dental crownsthat fixes issues with tooth stability, spacing, and cosmetic imperfections. At Dyras Dental, in Lansing, MI, dentists Dr. Michael Hutcheson and Dr. Laura Dyras can tell you for sure if one or more crowns are right for your unique dental problems.

What Are Dental Crowns?
In a way, a dental crown is a partial tooth replacement. It doesn’t replace the tooth from the root—only the outer enamel that shows when you smile. It’s a piece of porcelain material that’s shaped into a hollow cap that will cover the innermost layers of the tooth. First, the outer enamel layer must be prepared. Your dentist makes a digital scan of the treated tooth to get a model so that a custom crown can be manufactured by a dental lab technician. Dental crowns are also used in bridges and dental implants (tooth replacement solutions).

Are Crowns Right for You?
To be a good candidate for a dental crown, the inside of your tooth must be healthy first. A dental X-ray will give your Lansing, MI dentist the full picture. You’ll know in minutes whether the inner pulp is free from decay and has sufficient bone tissue. To get a crown, you must be willing to commit to good dental care, including impeccable gum health habits as recommended by your dentist. The goal is to have a stronger, more attractive, renewed tooth that will give you long-term benefits.

The Benefits of Being “Crowned”
Your dentist can extend the life of a troubled tooth (weak, discolored, chipped, poorly spaced, or poorly shaped) by decades by adding a crown. It protects the tooth from infection and injury. Modern dental crowns are very attractive, and blend very nicely with the rest of the teeth in terms of color and shape. The crown is flush with the gumline so the root is fully hidden. You also don’t have to wait very long to enjoy the benefits of a new crown—expect the whole process to take about two weeks.

See Your Dentist for a New Crown 
After a short evaluation, your dentist will help you decide if a crown is the right solution for your dental problems. Call 517-485-1900 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Hutcheson or Dr. Laura Dyras at Dyras Dental in Lansing, MI.