Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants
By Dyras Dental, PLLC
April 24, 2019
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Dental implants remake smiles with lifelike prosthetics which last for years and years. At Dyras Dental in Dental-ImplantLansing, MI, Dr. Laura Dyras and Dr. Michael Hutcheson use innovative mini implants to help patients regain their ability to speak, chew, and bite with confidence. Read on to learn the many benefits of these truly miraculous tooth replacements!
What's so great about a dental implant?
Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are placed into the bone where a natural tooth had previously resided. Lost to accident, dental cavities, or periodontal disease, a natural tooth is superior in every way to any prosthetic or appliance. However, a dental implant very closely approximates the real thing in appearance, strength, and oral function. Implants can also last for decades.

At Dyras Dental in Lansing, MI, Dr. Dyras and Dr. Hutcheson specialize in mini dental implants. Narrower than their full-size counterparts, mini implants work well for patients with thinner jawbones. MDIs, as they are sometimes called, also support bridges and dentures, particularly for people who have worn these types of appliances for years, have experienced some bone recession, and desire more efficient oral function.

Dental implants of any size are renowned for their bone-retaining qualities. Because the human body is biocompatible with the titanium in these devices, the bone will heal around the implant (a process that takes around three to six months), The name of this bonding process is osseointegration; no other dental treatment features it.
Other benefits of dental implants
Besides improving and maintaining jaw bone density, dental implants:

  • Look and feel natural
  • Cannot loosen as conventional dentures can
  • Require no revision of adjacent teeth (in fact, implants help natural teeth remain strong and healthy)
  • Cannot decay
  • Can last for the rest of the patient's life
  • Are as easy to care for as natural teeth
  • Cannot be removed except by your dentist

What an implant looks like
It looks just like a natural tooth! Above the gum line, you'll see a realistic, customized crown made of durable porcelain. Below the gum line, your dentist can evaluate the titanium MDI with digital X-ray imaging. In the case of dentures or bridges, your dentist uses two, four, or six implants to secure the prosthetic, depending on individual need.
Need we say more?
If you wish to pursue dental implants, please contact Dyras Dental for more information and to arrange your consultation with one of the dentists. Call (517) 485-1900 for an appointment!