Discover What Lumineers Can Do For Your Smile
By Dyras Dental, PLLC
August 14, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Lumineers are designed for patients who have an urgent need to make their smiles look better -- just in time for a big life event or because lumineersthey need a boost in confidence. A dentist at Dyras Dental, in Lansing, MI will check your teeth to see if Lumineers can improve your smile.

You Should Love the Way Your Teeth Look
There are many long-term benefits  of  having a straight, white, and well-contoured smile. In fact, an American Dental Association survey found that the most attractive physical feature you can have is a nice smile. Lumineers™ by Cerinate are designed to give you a new smile in about two to four visits. It is a quick and simple procedure.

How Lumineers Are Placed
Lumineers uses a proprietary system to cover up your teeth, giving you a brighter and more evenly aligned smile. Your Lansing, MI dentist doesn’t have to remove a significant amount of tooth structure to add Lumineers to your teeth—rather, they will be reshaped and gently etched to ensure a secure fit. After a dental mold is taken, a set of extremely lightweight tooth coverings will be created by a technician and bonded to each of your teeth.

Reasons to Choose Lumineers 
You have a number of options when it comes to updating the appearance of your teeth. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose Lumineers as your cosmetic solution:

- Time is of the essence (you need a much nicer smile as soon as possible).
- You want a better-looking smile that will last up to 20 years.
- You want a significantly brighter and/or wider smile

Ask Your Dentist About Lumineers
If your goal is to straighten out your smile in the fastest way possible, Lumineers may be the best choice for you. Call 517-485-1900 today for a consultation with Dr. Michael Hutcheson or Dr. Laura Dyras at Dyras Dental in Lansing, MI.