How Crowns Strengthen Damaged Teeth
By Dyras Dental, PLLC
September 05, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you ready to find out how dental crowns really work?dental crowns

Most people know about these tooth-shaped caps, but do you know when they may be recommended? Do you wonder how they work? If our Lansing, MI, dentists, Dr. Michael Hutcheson and Dr. Laura Dyras, have told you that you can benefit from getting dental crowns then it is time you discovered their purpose.

What are dental crowns and why are they used?

Crowns fit over the top of teeth and are certainly durable enough to protect a tooth from damage. There are many scenarios in which a tooth can become damaged. Perhaps our Lansing, MI, general dentist detected an infection during your last dental visit. Maybe decay spread too far for a dental filling to fully support the tooth. Perhaps you had a bad sports injury that damaged your tooth.

Whatever the case might be, many times a dental crown can be just the restoration you need to protect the crown of your natural tooth from incurring further damage.

Of course, crowns are not only meant for restorative purposes. While they are often used to preserve and strengthen a tooth, there are some instances in which a crown can also be used to improve a tooth’s appearance. Perhaps you have severe discolorations or a misshapen tooth. If so, placing a crown over the tooth could be all you need to give it the aesthetic boost you deserve.

What are crowns made out of?

The material that crowns are made of has improved significantly over the years. We use a durable full zirconia for the vast majority of our crowns that can ideally blend with your other teeth, creating an esthetic restoration. As you can imagine, zirconia crowns are extremely tough and resilient, which makes them a great option for back teeth. Most patients want a restoration that will look just like a natural tooth so that it blends right in with their smile. This is why, in most cases, a zirconia crown is the best option for covering your damaged tooth.

Dyras Dental in Lansing, MI, prides itself on providing the very best in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. If you are dealing with a damaged smile, find out the many ways we can help you and your smile.