May 27, 2016
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Let Lumineers Brighten Your Smile WOULD YOU LIKE to bring out the best of your smile? With Lumineers®, youcan have a bright, beautiful smile faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Lumineers Have Many Advantages Over Traditional Veneers

Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers are designed to be ultra-thin—about asthin as a contact lens—so they can be applied seamlessly over your teeth.Lumineers are so thin, in fact, that in most cases little to no tooth reductionis required for treatment. Traditional veneers are much thicker and oftenrequire grinding down of the original tooth structure for proper placement.

Lumineers’ innovative design not only makes application far less invasive thantraditional veneers, but it also makes for a speedy treatment process. Mostcases can be taken care of in as little as two visits. That’s right, onlytwo visits!

Lumineers Solve A Variety Of Dental Problems

Here are just a few of the ways Lumineers improve smiles:

  • Brighten stained and discolored teeth
  • Restore chipped teeth
  • Eliminate spacing and gaps
  • Align crooked teeth
  • Reshape small or misshapen teeth
  • Renew old dental work
  • Perfect your Hollywood smile

It is important that you have anexam done prior to getting Lumineers placed to make sure you do not have activedecay or gum disease that may affect the longevity of your new Lumineersmile.  Because Lumineers are an estheticprocedure, dental insurance does not cover them in most cases.  However, we have many payment options to makeyour smile makeover affordable.
We Love Brightening Our Patients' Smiles With Lumineers

The joy of a beautiful smile is priceless. We love helping our patients achievethe smiles they’ve always wanted, and with the help of Lumineers, it’s assimple as ever. If you have questions about how Lumineers can help your smile,give us a call to set an appointment or reach out to us on social media! We’dlove to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for placing your trust in our practice. We love our patients! The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitutefor professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek theadvice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regardingmedical conditions.