Should I Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?
By Dyras Dental, PLLC
December 13, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out if you are the ideal candidate for cosmetic dentistry.

No matter what aesthetic problems you may be dealing with when it comes to your smile, know that our Lansing, MI, cosmetic dentists Dr. Laura Dyras and Dr. Michael Hutcheson haven’t just seen it all but have also treated it all. Achieving a beautiful smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry isn’t a far-fetched notion, no matter how bad off your smile may seem. Are you wondering whether it’s time to get cosmetic dentistry? Here’s when it could benefit your smile:

You Have Stains or Discolorations
If your teeth are starting to look a little yellow and dull, professional teeth whitening is the simple solution for getting a brighter smile quickly. Our Lansing, MI dentist can make you custom whitening trays in house for you to whiten easily and effectively.  We have a range of whitening strengths and can help find the best option for you.
While teeth whitening handles external stains caused by foods, drinks, aging and smoking, internal stains won’t respond as effectively to this treatment. Luckily, dental veneers offer a way to hide these discolorations to brighten your smile.

You have Gaps Between Teeth
Do you hate that visible gap between your front teeth? If so, you may be wondering how cosmetic dentistry could fix this problem. If you aren’t keen on getting braces just to fix this minor issue then you could turn to either dental bonding or even veneers to hide this gap. Bonding can be used to fill small gaps between teeth while veneers can be applied over teeth to hide more visible gaps.

Your Teeth are Chipped, Uneven or Misshapen
Even though teeth are extremely durable, even everyday habits can lead to chips or cracks. Perhaps you’ve even worn your teeth down over the years due to bruxism (teeth grinding). Again, bonding or even dental veneers can fix these issues. Minor or moderate chips or uneven areas of a tooth can be rebuilt with help from dental bonding, while dental veneers can help improve the overall shape and size of a tooth.

You Have a Gummy Smile
Even the shape of your gums can affect the appearance of your smile. If your gums seem to take center stage when it comes to your smile then gum contouring may be what you need to remove excess tissue to reveal more of your teeth for a more proportional smile.  Orthodontics can also be used as an alternative to get your teeth in a more ideal position in your smile.

There are so many people who can benefit from what cosmetic dentistry can offer, and we are here to help you achieve that dream smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Laura Dyras or Dr. Michael Hutcheson at Dyras Dental in Lansing, MI and let’s find out which treatment is right for you.