What Questions to Ask When Getting Veneers

It’s important to jot down some questions you may have about dental veneers so you are fully prepared for your upcoming consultation.

Do you have brown stains that teeth whitening just won’t fix? Do you have unsightly chips in your teeth that make you feel uncomfortable smiling in public? Or maybe you’re dealing with overcrowding or gaps between your teeth that leave you a bit self-conscious. Whatever the aesthetic issue might be, you may be considering dental veneers to fix your minor problems. If so, then you know the first step is setting up a consultation with your Lansing dentist to see if veneers are right for you.

However, it’s important when you go in to see any doctor that you are prepared with the proper questions to educate yourself about the procedure and to make you feel more comfortable. Here are some questions you may want to address during your veneer consultation:

About the procedure itself:

  • How do veneers stay on teeth?
  • What kind of tooth preparation should I expect prior to applying the veneers?
  • How will you match my veneers to the rest of my smile?
  • How long will the procedure take?

About the veneers:

  • How long do veneers last?
  • Are there special instructions for proper veneer care?
  • Are veneers permanent or can I have them removed?

To plan your expenses:

  • How much will this procedure cost?
  • Will my insurance cover this cosmetic procedure?
  • Do you offer financing or payment options for veneers?

To help you visualize:

  • May I see some of your past work?
  • Could you show me an example of what my veneers might look like on my smile?

Hopefully these questions are a good jumping-off point to help you come up with some of your own. After all, no one likes surprises, so it’s important that you know the ins and outs of the entire procedure so you can feel comfortable knowing that you made the right choice. Veneers are a wonderful and non-invasive way of giving your smile a little facelift. If you’re interested in setting up a consultation for veneers, be sure to call our office.