Meet Dr. Michael Hutcheson

My profession is my passion in life! The many unique, wonderful people I am blessed to work with and for, daily, make life exciting. Likewise, the constant advancements in the field of dentistry keep me interested in learning and constantly growing in my craft. The skill level I have achieved, by continually advancing my knowledge, makes me uniquely suited to helping people with significant dental problems have a better life.

I have been in practice for almost 50 years and it still seems like yesterday that I graduated dental school. I think of my patients as both friends and family: being able to offer them the services and care I would recommend for my family makes what I do fulfilling. I absolutely love my job and the great people I am privileged to serve!

— Dr. Michael B. Hutcheson

Education and Experience

As a dentist, Dr. Hutcheson’s primary goal is to keep his patients in the best possible functional and aesthetic health. Enjoying all aspects of dentistry, he has a particular passion for dental implants, appreciating how they enhance chewing and restore natural beauty. He enjoys other reconstructive procedures as well, including crowns, bridges, and implant-supported restorations, for the same reasons: the improvement in the person’s bite and giving them the confidence to smile.

Dr. Hutcheson actively engages in multiple avenues of dental continuing education, ensuring his patients receive the latest, best treatment available.

  • Spear Education: reconstruction and aesthetic dentistry
  • Dawson Academy Core Curriculum: aesthetic; reconstructive, and functional dentistry
  • Hahn Implant Seminars: Jack Hahn, Timothy Kosinsky, Paresh Patel
  • Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.: implant training
  • Invisalign® certification

In addition to his specialized training, Dr. Hutcheson regularly takes courses through the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association, and the Chicago Dental Society. These professional organizations offer numerous opportunities for members to further their knowledge, through meetings, seminars, lectures, on-line courses, and publications.

Beyond Dentistry

Dr. Hutcheson and his lovely wife Danelle have resided in Okemos for almost four decades. The couple has two children: Peter is an anesthesiologist and Sarah is a master’s level clinical therapist.

The family has a “lake house” in northern Michigan that encourages year-round outdoor activity. They enjoy golfing, biking, boating, skiing, and snowshoeing, and are avid travelers as well, exploring Mexico and Europe.

While dentistry is Dr. Hutcheson’s greatest professional passion, and family his most personal, travel and golf are treasured almost as much!