Esthetics- Invisalign® and Veneers

There are multiple causes for an unesthetic smile, including tooth wear, staining, receding gums, and showing too much gums. Below are a few videos discussing causes of unesthetic smiles and different treatment options:

Understanding Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is a dental condition where the surface and structure of teeth are progressively reduced as a result of internal and/or external forces placed upon them.  The extent of wear damage depends on the amount of grinding and is typically more severe in individuals who exhibit this behavior in their sleep. Excessive tooth wear causes many oral health complications, including unattractive and irregular tooth levels, jagged and sharp tooth edges, tooth pain, and eventual loss of the teeth altogether. As the harder outer surface of the tooth is worn away, the softer dentin will be exposed speeding up the process. There are preventative and corrective treatment options for patients experiencing tooth wear issues. Treatment will vary based on the cause of wear and when it is detected, making it critical to work closely with Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro to proactively treat the issue before more damage is sustained.

Gingival Recession

Gingival recession is a progressive dental condition where the gums begin to pull away from the teeth, exposing more of the teeth and potentially the roots as well. It develops slowly over time, so many people do not notice until it is identified by a dental professional. It is important to address issues of gingival recession early to minimize the damage it can cause to your teeth and gums. Once the roots are exposed, the damage to the underlying structure accelerates. If left untreated this condition could cause the loss of the affected teeth. Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro will work with you to develop a treatment plan that best suits your unique needs.

Causes for a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is a common term describing excessive gum tissue visible above the front teeth when smiling. While it sometimes presents as a mostly esthetic concern, it can also be a symptom of additional underlying issues with your bite. Because there is such a wide range of possible causes of a gummy smile, it is important to work with Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro to fully examine your mouth and help you determine the best course of treatment for your unique situation.


Veneers cover the front surface of a tooth and are typically done to improve the appearance of a patient's smile. Veneers usually require multiple appointments to complete.

At your first appointment, our assistants will take an impression of your teeth. A dental laboratory will create a model of your mouth, which will be used to create your temporary and final veneers. During your next visit, your teeth are prepared for the veneers and temporary veneers are placed over your teeth until the final ones are ready. At a following appointment, Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro will remove the temporary veneers, and bond the final veneers into place.

Orthodontics and Invisalign®

Clear Aligner Therapy (Invisalign®)

When someone wants to improve their smile with straighter teeth and a more aligned bite, clear aligners can be an excellent treatment option. They can achieve proper alignment while also being minimally visible when being worn. Clear aligner technology provides treatment via a series of custom-fitted, clear plastic alignment trays that are worn over the teeth. To begin the process, our assistants will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab for fabrication. The dental laboratory then generates a set of progressive trays that slowly move your teeth into the correct position over time. A new tray is swapped in at regular intervals until the desired alignment is reached. Once treatment is completed, your teeth will be in improved alignment and your smile improved. However, it is important to note that some alignment issues cannot be corrected with this technology; you should consult with Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro to ensure that this treatment is appropriate for your situation.

Traditional Orthodontics

When correcting misaligned teeth or bite issues, Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro may recommend orthodontic treatment, commonly known as braces. This treatment creates a more attractive smile and can alleviate certain issues resulting from a misaligned bite. Orthodontics can be used as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a comprehensive plan placing teeth in an optimal position prior to additional restorative procedures.

Orthodontic treatment involves strategically attaching metal or ceramic brackets to the misaligned teeth, connecting them with a special wire that is incrementally adjusted to place the teeth and jaw in correct alignment.

During regular follow up appointments your braces will be adjusted to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. The amount of time for treatment varies with each patient depending on the extent of tooth movement needed to attain proper alignment.

Once treatment is completed, your teeth will be in optimal alignment and your smile improved.

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