Dental Implants in Lansing, MI

When it comes to restoring your oral health with dental implants, Dyras Dental goes above and beyond to help you through the process to make sure you have a long lasting, comfortable, and functional result in which you can be confident.

A dental implant consists of a titanium screw that supports a crown in order to replace a missing tooth. They have been around since the 1980s and their technology continues to improve to make dental implants a more predictable and affordable tooth replacement option.

Dental implants have a multitude of advantages. They help support your bone to help prevent naturally occurring bone loss after a tooth is lost. They help replace a missing tooth without causing damage to the adjacent teeth. They are also surprisingly easy to have placed with minimal post-operative pain!

Dental Implants at Dyras Dental

For your convenience and peace of mind, we place implants in our Lansing dental office for the vast majority of our cases.

If a tooth can no longer be restored, Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro will extract that tooth and place a bone graft in order to create the best possible bone support for the implant. Once the bone graft has healed, the dental implant will be placed. The implant placement appointment is generally painless with minimal soreness afterwards. 

Once the bone around the implant has healed and is adequately supporting the implant, impressions are made to create an abutment and crown to be attached to the implant, which will provide you with your final restoration. The process of getting an implant from start to finish usually takes anywhere from four to 12 months depending on the complexity of the site.

Dental Implant Care

The best way to care for a dental implant is with a Waterpik®. While an implant will not decay since it is made from titanium, the gum and bone around the implant can still be susceptible to gum disease and inflammation. It is important to get regular dental hygiene cleanings at our Lansing dental office and care for your gums to keep your dental implant healthy and happy!

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