Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can result from a variety of issues in the mouth, making it extremely important to work closely with Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro to determine the exact cause of it. Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro may perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth to ensure the source of your pain is correctly diagnosed.

One common cause of tooth pain is a cavity, which is a breakdown of tooth material due to plaque and bacteria buildup. In these cases, the protective enamel of the tooth decays and exposes the more sensitive inner portion, which can result in painful sensations.

Another potential cause of tooth pain is tooth wear, where conditions like tooth grinding and acid erosion can also cause a breakdown of tooth enamel. Similar to cavities, the exposure of the inner structure of the tooth leaves it more sensitive and prone to pain.

Teeth can also become painful when they develop cracks in them. These cracks have numerous causes, and if severe enough will expose the inner nerves of the tooth and cause pain. Additionally, pain can result in situations where tooth decay, cracks, or other trauma causes a secondary infection inside, around, or below the tooth.

Sometimes tooth pain can be caused by a systemic issue completely unrelated to the tooth experiencing pain. A good example of this is sinus inflammation or infection, which can often trigger pain in the roots of the upper molars despite there being nothing wrong with the teeth themselves.

Given the wide range of potential causes for tooth pain, it is important to work with Dr. Dyras or Dr. Bedro to thoroughly examine your mouth, diagnose the issue, and develop a treatment plan to remedy it that best meets your individual needs. Tooth pain is a warning sign that something may be wrong, and waiting could result in further complications.

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