Wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth

February 20th, 2024

Wisdom Teeth are also referred to as our “Third Molars,” as they are the third and last molar to appear in our mouths as we grow up. Wisdom teeth vary significantly from person to person. Some people do not ever develop wisdom teeth. Others will develop them, but they never move above the bone into the person’s mouth. Some people only develop 2-3 instead of the normal 4 wisdom teeth, other people have 8!

Wisdom teeth tend to cause problems for patients because our jaws will not grow large enough for them to fit, so when the wisdom teeth try to come in, they cause us to bite our cheeks, are difficult to clean, and are prone to developing decay. Wisdom teeth can also contribute to crowding our other teeth together as they try to come in. Generally, we recommend that wisdom teeth are removed between ages of 15-25 years old, as that is the age range that is least at risk of developing complications after the procedure.

During a wisdom tooth extraction, our office will numb the area similar to how we numb for fillings. We test the tooth to make sure it is comfortable prior to removing it. In more complex or higher risk extractions, we would refer you to an oral surgeon who can provide sedation if requested.

After the extraction, it is important to follow any post op recommendations given to you by the dentist or oral surgeon. You should avoid smoking or using straw the first few days after an extraction so it does not disrupt the healing. Usually, a good rule of thumb is to leave the healing area alone and let your body do the work!
If you have questions about wisdom teeth or want to know if you need them removed, call our office for an exam. We are always happy to help!

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